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"Even if you come home late and I’m already asleep, just whisper in my ear one little thought you had today. Because I love the way you look at the world. And I’m so happy I get to be next to you and look at the world through your eyes."

-  Theodore Twombly, ’Her’, Spike Jonze (via this-will-be-your-downfall)

Anonymous asked: Very down to earth choices

Thank you, you must see the L Word if you have not.

To the Anon, who asked the question on if I could sleep with any actor who would it be with. I change my answer to Jennifer Beals or Mia Kirshner because Better Porter and Jenny Schectar. Brilliant women with power and wit are extremely attractive even if they are acting.

"go talk to ya other hoes"

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Evening April 17th, 2014.

I am little buzzed off a fantastic crisp Pinot Grigio while taking a bath. Talk about a great way to spend an evening (not being sarcastic). It’s a great place to day dream of travels, meeting new intellectually stimulating friends, delicious new foods, and finding a way to pay for an education while still enjoying my youth.

I am full of gratitude for the life I lead but I am never satisfied in my search for learning and living life to the fullest extent. Why must it limited by such a silly thing as paper?

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